Eligibility for submission of Bids
Agencies with minimum 5 years experience in conceptualizing, designing and executing the projects on turnkey basis for setting up of pavilion/s in International food events organized outside India, need apply.
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is participating in an international event, 56th Summer Fancy Food Show 2010 at New York, USA from 27th to 29th June 2010 and intends to set up its pavilion to display and market Indian Agricultural and Processed Food Products. The area of the APEDA Pavilion for the event is 340 Sq. Mtrs. in the International Pavilion (layout attached) which will include the common facilities (approximately 40 Sq. Mtrs.)
I. Common facilities: scope:
  - Common area (Excluding the exhibitor stalls) will include:
A reception with backdrop of backlit collage on glass, acrylic or lycra material.
A wet sampling area for basmati biryani and processed food etc. and to have display counters, shelves, microwave oven, chiller, freezer etc.
A meeting lounge for APEDA to be covered by glass/ acrylic or equivalent material.
A small storage area
- The overall look of APEDA pavilion should be contemporary and reflect the colour and vibrancy of modern India. A suitable branding has to be done and shall be followed all over. A sample branding on flex/lycra/ alternative material with features of Indian national flag can be seen at (link).
- The proposed pavilion will be designed in a mix of regular Octanorm system (for inside areas) and Octonorm Maxima (for outer structure) or the woodwork if required.
- The generic branding should be on stretchable lycra or flex so that there are no wrinkles in the final get up. The common branding banners should have concealed lightings.
- For further conditions of construction of pavilion/stalls, heights of the stall etc. you may refer The fascia and the branding which runs through the entire APEDA pavilion will be above the basic structure.
  - All the common areas for APEDA use should be distinguished with raised wooden floor.
  - The pavilion shall be brightly lit with white lights not to allow dark pockets in the common area.
The products to be displayed are ready-to-eat food/curries, honey, spices and herbs, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and their preparations, chutneys, pickles, gherkins, wines and basmati rice etc.
II Exhibitor Stall: Scope:
The proposed agency shall undertake the following activities for the event on turnkey basis. The scope of work for the event shall include the following on the pattern and suggestions provided above:
Construction of Semi/compartmentalized space in multiple of 10 Sq. Mtrs. for approximately 20 exporters for display of their products and area for interaction with the buyers/visitors, including the requirement of furniture. Individual stall for exporter would be provided with three chairs, one table, waste paper basket, 6 shelves, one lockable storage with front lit posters .
Preparation of 3 panel posters of size 3’ * 6’ for each 10 Sq. Mtrs. stall, as per the TPs to be arranged from the concerned exhibitors. The panels and the posters prepared by the agency, shall be identical in dimension as no exhibitor will be allowed to put their panel/ posters or with different size.
III Miscellaneous:
Provision of 2 female receptionists, attired in Indian costume for all the days during the show.
Two hostesses in traditional Indian dresses to float around the entire exhibition.
Development and printing of Basmati Recipe book and exhibitor’s directory etc.
IV General:
The selected party will be responsible to have manpower present at the site for maintenance of the pavilion and coordination of the event till the end.
Power supply and Main Electrical connections, water supply etc. as per the show organizers recommendations. This has to be checked with show organizers by the event management company.
The sealed technical and financial bids in separate envelops are to be submitted within 15 days from the date of release of advertisement. Conditional bids are not allowed and liable for rejection summarily.
Cover 1: Technical Bid: Superscribe the name of the event and “Technical Bid” to include the following documents:
  a. Details of the Bidder:
  i. Profile of the company/agency
ii. Track Record – previous experience of handling similar nature of work.
v. The CA certificate giving details of last 5 years turn over.
vi. Latest Income Tax Return and copy of the PAN Card.
vii. EMD for 1,00,000/- (Rs. One Lakh) in the form of draft / bank guarantee in favour of APEDA, New Delhi. EMD will be returned to the unsuccessful tenderer after the final selection. For the selected vendor, EMD amount would be adjusted in the final payment.
  b). Details pertaining to the pavilion
  i. Design of the APEDA pavilion in print and soft copy.
ii. Materials and their specifications to be used for the pavilion and displays/decoration in the pavilion.

The concept/design of the pavilion with layout, decoration plan etc. as indicated above must be submitted in hard copy as well as on CD. The sample of material to be used in decoration must be shown during presentation.
Cover 2: Financial Bid: Superscribe the name of the event and “Financial Bid”

To include the following documents/details:

The Financial Quotation, duly dated, with detailed breakup and all cost component wise separately in Indian Rupees only. No lumpsum amount shall be considered.
The applicable tax should be mentioned separately in the estimates.
The outer sealed cover containing cover 1 and cover 2 as indicated above should be superscribed with “Technical and Financial Bid for 56th Summer Fancy Food Show 2010 and should have the Full Name, Postal Address, Fax, E-mail, Telephone number of the bidding agency.
A Committee in APEDA will carry out a preliminary screening of the applicants and will shortlist the agencies fulfilling the prescribed requirements. The short listed agencies will be requested to make technical presentation before the selection committee.
  The presentation may bring out their suggestions on the following areas:
    1. Functionality
2. Aesthetics
3. Significant portray of India as a powerful organic source by photos, graphics, attractive colour scheme etc.
4. Use of innovative material to lend the common area a modern contemporary look.
5. Appropriate dimension of the structure.
The marking would be done on all the presentations. The agencies who secure minimum 70% marks ( 70 out of 100 marks) in technical presentations will be short listed and the tenderer who will qualify within the benchmark for technical bids, their financial bids would be opened. Final selection would be done as per the procedures of APEDA.
APEDA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals at any time prior to award of contract/order, without assigning any reasons and without incurrence of any liability on APEDA. APEDA also reserves the right to negotiate the prices with the selected agency to bring down the prices.
Terms of Payment :
  Payment to the successful bidder will be made as per following schedule:
    • Advance upto 50% of the cost, on submission of Bank Guarantee of equal amount. The bank gurantee shall be valid till one month after the event date.
• Balance amount would be released on completion of the event and satisfactory report of the officer deputed for the event
The advertisement has been released on 08/05/2010 and the last date for receipt of application is 22/05/2010. The complete applications should be addressed to:
Layout Plan
Mr. Pravin Gupta
General Manager
3rd Floor, NCUI Building, 3, Siri Institutional Area,
Opp. Asiad Village, August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi – 110 016
Telefax: 26526186