V. Organic Products

(a) One outreach programme for market linkage facilitation for NE States at Department of Horticulture, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal during 17-18th April 2017.

(b) One capacity building training for certification bodies during 6-7th July 2017

(c) Developed and notified new revised standards/policy and procedures duly approved by NAB for following:-

  • (i) Livestock, Poultry and Products (Revised)
  • (ii) Organic Mushroom Production (New)
  • (iii) Organic Seaweeds, Aquatic plants and greenhouse crop production (New)

(d) Successful organization of 19th Organic World Congress 2017 during 9-11th November 2017 with exhibition, BSM and Marketing and Quality Assurance Conference.

(e) Publication “Proceedings of Marketing and Quality Assurance Conference (250 page Book).

(f) Coordinated with FSSAI for launch of domestic organic food regulation where in NPOP has been granted the right for entering into equivalence with other countries.

(g) Supported FSSAI for launch of Organic Food Business operators portal having linkages with Tracenet.

(h) APEDA and MSTC developed a prototype portal of E-Organic Bazar for online trading of certified organic produce by the farmers/farmers groups/ICS.