III. Live Stock Products

  1. Visit of Foreign delegations:


    • Visit of Malaysian Delegation from 13.8.2017 to 24.8.2017 for inspection and approval of meat processing plants. The Malaysian authorities have approved total 8 plants.


    • Visit of delegation from Angola for inspection and approval of meat plants from 28th April to 5th May, 2017. The delegation has approved 8 meat plants.


    • Visit of delegation from Philippines from 21st November to 4th December, 2017. The delegation inspected 30 meat plants in the States of UP, Punjab, Maharashtra, AP and Telangana. The delegation approved 28 plants.


    • The department organized interactions with Indonesian authorities through Embassy of India for expanding the list of meat plants for exports to Indonesia during April – November. Indonesian side has expressed his willingness to send its auditors team in early 2018.


    Ease of Doing Business:

    • Receipt of application for registration of meat plants on line made mandatory with effect from 1st April, 2017. By introduction of online application system, time to apply, submit documents, scrutinized applications and issuance of online certificate has been substantially reduced.


    • APEDA organized a brain storming session on promoting export of value added dairy products from India on 5th May, 2017. The main issues emerged out the conference were:


    • a)Tariff duty regulation in neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    • b)Expansion of our market to African countries for exports.
    • c)Addressing of quality issues by Export Inspection Council (EIC).
    • d)Market Access of dairy products in Russia.
    • e)Strengthening of cold chain in dairy sector by cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Food Processing.

    Market promotion:

    • Chairman, APEDA led a delegation to Vietnam from 27 to 30 November, 2017 to discuss the issues affecting our exports to Vietnam. The delegation comprised of representatives of Regulatory bodies, Export Promotion organizations and exporters of meat, groundnut, marine products etc. Main outcomes of the visit were meeting with Ministry of Industry and Trade in Hanoi.  The delegation discussed various issues concerning trade, quality and SPS measures, frequent interactions to resolve disruptions of trade due to tariff and non tariff issues.

      Another meeting with Ms. Tran Phuong, Deputy Head of International Cooperation, Department of Animal Health also took place enlist various issues of exports of meat from India to Vietnam.

      A meeting with the Plant Protection Department of Vietnam was also held on the sidelines.  Important issues like management of harmful pests and cooperation in the field of phyto sanitary and quality regimen of India and Vietnam, better cooperation in the field of phyto sanitary measures and speedy process of pest risk analysis in Vietnam were also raised.  The meeting also discussed the standard operating procedures of exports of peanut.  The delegation concluded with official meeting with Vice Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development, Vietnam with the delegation lead by Ambassador Mr. P Harish in Vietnam.  All the salient features of Indo Vietnam Trade were highlighted during the meeting and bilateral issues of interest to both the sides were also briefed.  A fruitful Buyer Seller Meet was also arranged by the Embassy of India during the visit.  Indian representatives of marine products, groundnuts and meat met with the buyers and media to showcase their products.
    • Regular interaction with the Russian Authorities for expanding list of meat and egg processing plants, market access for dairy products, implementation of electronic veterinary certificate.  Chairman APEDA discussed these issues with the FSVPS Eurasian Week Economic Forum held at Astana from 24-26 August 2017.