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Analytical Report: APEDA Product
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Analytical Report : India's Export of APEDA Product ( 2021-22 )
Quantity in 000'MT; Value in Rs Crore & USD Mill.
RankAPEDA Product2021-22Major Importing Countries(Value in USD Mill and % Share)
Qty in 000'MTValue in Rs.CroreValue in USD Mill%age Share in value
Total India's Export42763.9184769.224774.0100Bangladesh Pr (2839 , 11.5)U Arab Emts (1604 , 6.5)U S A (1250 , 5)Vietnam Soc Rep (1240 , 5)Saudi Arab (1124 , 4.5)
1Non Basmati Rice17262.245652.46124.324.7Bangladesh Pr(612 , 10.0)Benin(531 , 8.7)China P Rp(496 , 8.1)Nepal(458 , 7.5)Cote D Ivoire(323 , 5.3)
2Basmati Rice3948.226416.53540.414.3Iran(818 , 23.1)Saudi Arab(646 , 18.3)Iraq(400 , 11.3)U Arab Emts(221 , 6.3)U S A(183 , 5.2)
3Buffalo Meat1175.224613.23303.313.3Egypt A Rp(739 , 22.4)Vietnam Soc Rep(486 , 14.7)Malaysia(444 , 13.5)Indonesia(307 , 9.3)Iraq(223 , 6.8)
4Wheat7239.415840.32121.78.6Bangladesh Pr(1193 , 56.2)Sri Lanka Dsr(172 , 8.1)U Arab Emts(136 , 6.4)Yemen Republc(109 , 5.2)Philippines(109 , 5.2)
5Maize3690.57615.41020.94.1Bangladesh Pr(432 , 42.4)Vietnam Soc Rep(309 , 30.3)Nepal(152 , 15.0)Malaysia(70 , 6.9)Myanmar(16 , 1.6)
Other Products9448.464631.48663.435
Source: DGCIS
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